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How Happy Are We Really?

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How Happy Are We Really?

Have you ever stopped thinking, what really makes you happy?

faces smiling How Happy Are We Really?As an infant it’s usually attention, a smile, a hug or a kiss. Once you get a bit older you take those things from childhood for granted. And your happiness depends on a new gadget, a toy or a game. So as you get older your happiness is a result of a material thing: The best brand in clothes, the biggest car, and the best house.

And if you don’t have it, then you become less happy … I was trying to avoid throwing big birthday parties for my children. I wanted to keep it simple, a few close friend and family. This way they could really experience the love and happiness of this day but then came the time to invite all classmates… It was all about how many presents they should open!? In other words why do we let material things have an effect on our happiness, when basically we know it shouldn’t be that way? Why can’t personal emotions be enough? Get connected with your partner or parents should do the job better than spending almost the whole day behind the computer or go shopping. Is it in our power to change the fact that more and expensive is better?

What will happen if there will be a historical revolution, after which it will be actually difficult to get those material things? How will we be happy? What’s left? How will we express our feelings? How will we function in this new society? Have you ever stopped for a moment to think how this world would look like? IF… A man will write a letter to his wife expressing his feeling instead of buying here the same present year after year?

A child would enjoy to absorb his parents wisdom every chance he gets? Grand children that respect their grandparents? I think people would be honestly happy! One will be able to connect to his inner side; his most true feelings and use his good sense to handle his life better. Material things can break, disappear or get out of fashion, they are temporal. But relationships, feelings and understanding is for life and a good commitment definitely leads to happiness.

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2 Responses to "How Happy Are We Really?"

  1. Marlilyn  Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 13:29

    Very good observations – Looking out for your articles, dear!

  2. Eleanie Campbell  Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 17:53

    Right now during this time in my life I’m aiming towards what makes me happy. My biggest joys right now are my ten year old son and my love of writing. Your writing entry makes one think.

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