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Santo Silenzio

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Santo Silenzio

I entered a church

To touch the peace for a moment
On the busy street of inner city of Sydney

I looked at the faces of self-contented and
Slightly indifferent saints preoccupied with
Non-familiar ideas to me, at this moment
At this stage of my life

Only one man was standing there
When he turned, our eyes met:
He was dark and his eyebrows were touching
They looked like one long thick line…
And to my mind the newspaper headlines popped up
My skin became slightly bumpy… and my brow worried…

The man knelt down
He touched the ground with his forehead
And started to weep quietly…

I stood frozen
The heart of my heart apologized
I walked out
To give him a chance to grieve privately…

While walking the streets of Sydney
I took a big eraser and on my inner screen
Wiped out the daily news headlines.

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