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Here Grows a Woman

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Here Grows a Woman

Kathe Kollwitz WomanwithherDeadChild Here Grows a Woman

Barely sixteen and hardly kissed,
Learning to fly now and learning too fast,
Songs that would haunt us, last slow ones to dance,
Places to run, if we’d only the chance.

Making mistakes that we couldn’t take back.
Crashing still yet…. we didn’t learn fast
‘Bout hearts that would hurt us, the Trusted that shied
Shoulders to lean on, if only to cry.

Swapping our thoughts like the answers we’d guess,
Spinning our dreams and learning much less.
The secrets wed keep, the hours of missed sleep,
Seeking approval, we’d follow like sheep.

Tracing those days and the years that have sped,
Spilling our hearts, we are learning instead;
Times shredded by thorns, even more rosy smiles.
Here grows a woman…. there goes the child.

death and the woman1 Here Grows a Woman

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One Response to "Here Grows a Woman"

  1. Andrew J. Sacks  Monday, January 21, 2013 at 2:46

    Fine and sensitive work, daphnia!

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