My Cubbyhole

I have seen articles in many writing magazines and always feel envious of writers who can have peace to work in. My room is populated with a washing machine and tumble drier, having a large family these are on most of the day. I learned to “zone out,” so that work could be done with […]

The Unsolvable Mystery

Timeline–Nov 24th 1971. To many of us this date means nothing. To the FBI it is a constant bug bear as it is a reminder of one of the baffling cases in modern air history. On this date a man calling himself D.B.Cooper bailed out of a Boeing 727 en-route from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, […]

Summer of 2012

The good start to the summer came when my good friends Gwen & Paula introduced me to Angie’s diary as I have said in other articles, I was trying with difficulty to get an article published but the editor just blocked it. Angie published the article and from there I have gone forward in leaps. […]

Me and My Allergy

“Me and my allergy – We go together – In all kinds of weather.”  It is my considered opinion the everybody is allergic to something. Fortunately, many of us will never know what. For those of us who do know what we are allergic to, it can be awkward trying to avoid contact. I first found our […]

Book Review Comparisons

Book Review Comparisons

Recently my good friend Jack wrote the article “Reviews sell books” which to some extent is true more to the point getting a well-known name to review the book will add power to the books review, there is no doubt. I had three lovely reviews for books but because none of the reviews were recognisable […]

Living Hell

My stepson was an alcoholic and drug user for many years, along with a foul-mouthed yob, who thought nothing of shouting obscenities at me for things I had not done. My life was so bad, I hated opening the door to him as I knew, if he had a bad day, I would get the […]

The Case of Sean Flynn

The Case of Sean Flynn

I would like to tell you of a real disappearance. – Timeline: Cambodia, April 6, 1970. Born in 1941, Sean Flynn was the only child of the marriage of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita. After studying briefly at Duke University, he became a movie actor like his parents. When he retired from acting, Flynn became a freelance photojournalist. On assignment […]

A Year in the Life of an Author

This month sees a lot of anniversaries for me. In the last year my life has changed radically and I would like to take the time to wander through the months with you-if you have no objections. This time last year, after months of trying to write the Pat Canella story I put her in […]

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