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Angie’s Diary | eMagazine

News and entertainment magazine that combines original stories and essays
with news on art, politics, technology, culture, and writing.


What can Angie’s Diary do for you?
It all boils down to one thing: EXPOSURE – The single, most valuable product in the realm of publishing.

On one hand we bring real-world authors, editors, literary agents and publishers together, while on the other hand we aim to create self-publishing opportunities for our members. Several thousands of daily visitors have already found their way to our magazine.

The Social Media is an intrinsic part of our marketing effort in order to continue to be the #1 online magazine on the web.

How does that work?
Angie’s Diary is a dynamic web-magazine with user friendly navigation. We feature a searchable database with many thousands of quality original stories and articles, posted by a fascinating mix of expert authors and aspiring writers. This setting enables literary agents and publishers, hungry for new talent, to find the writers in the niche of their interest, while using the magazine for their own authors and publishing industry.

Statistics on how many people write books may vary, but it would appear safe to assume that, worldwide, out of every family emerges at least one aspiring writer! The question is: Who reads your work, and more importantly, who becomes a best selling author?

What Makes us Unique?
Your submissions are managed by our editorial staff. This includes grammar- and spell checking your work, formatting, and very importantly, adding or creating striking visuals to enhance the manuscripts at hand in order to give your work the best possible exposure. Just browse our magazine and tell us how we are doing.

What amount of exposure does a writer/author receive?
Your original stories, articles and expertise will be exposed to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, rather than waiting passively for someone to syndicate it on yet another website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page with no traffic.

Check out our competitive ad rates for sponsored Blog posts, Image and text links. If you would like to advertise in our next Newsletter, please use our Contact Form.

Angie’s Book of the Week
Do not miss this unique opportunity to get even more exposure for your books!

About Angie:

Write – Write Better – Get Read – Get Published – Sell more Books


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CEO and co-founder of Angie’s Diary, this online magazine is her ultimate frontier.
Since the launch in May 2008, running this mag has become her unfaltering passion. Her love for the written word has made her embrace, not only the literary community as a whole, but also many brilliant and talented individuals, who she’s proud to call her personal friends today.
She invites you to bring your passion & expertise to this magazine, and start posting your best work.

Registration for our basic account is free.
If you are taking your writing vocation seriously, check out the VIP account.
Publishers may obtain a Publishing account.

A more detailed account of how her life changed overnight


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